finite objectives for APS-C

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finite objectives for APS-C

Post by jurkovicovic »

Hi folks,
I should have a request.
I would like to ask for administrators and more experienced members.
Could you publish a list of finite objectives suitable for APS-C with good working distance?
Thanks. BR.

Chris S.
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Post by Chris S. »


Here are some that I use. This is a classic group of lenses for finite use.

Nikon N Plan CF Apochromat 4/.20 WD 15mm
Nikon M Plan CF 10x/0.25 WD 9mm
Nikon N Plan CF 10/0.30 WD 9.2mm
Nikon M Plan CF 20/0.40 ELWD WD 10.5mm
Nikon M Plan CF 40/0.50 ELWD WD 10.1mm
Nikon M Plan CF 60/0.70 ELWD WD 4.9mm

If you'd like to see pictures of them, check out the fifth image down in this post.

--Chris S.

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Post by ChrisR »

At the low-magnification end there's a number of other objectives which are good, eg Lomo 3.7x NA 0.1 , which are much cheaper.

Most 10x finites have several mm working distance, which is OK.
Edmunds Finite 10x is good .

A relevant post: ... 128#228128

When you're at say, 20x, there aren't many choices.
Chris R

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