What is macro?

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Macro Photog
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What is macro?

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I am thinking about entering some of my work into the Nikon Small World competition but the rules state no macro. I know some of the forum members have entered this and other competitions. I have a couple of questions about the registration process.

1. If macro means 1:1 photography I understand but most of my work is a minimum of 5 to 50x. Can someone help clarify this point?

2. The entry form requires a microscope description. Since I do not shoot through a microscope but often use objectives is this acceptable ?

3. Do they allow stacks?

3. Some of the winners look like they have had some treatment with Photoshop, Lightroom etc. What, if any modification is acceptable (e.g. Zerene type editing, exposure, contrast, white balance etc.)? My apologies if these photos are not modified.

Thanks in advance.

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Post by Harald »

Hi there Macro Photog,
I´ve read somewhere that the definition of macro and micro is that macro is up to 40x and above is micro. It dosen´t matter in the Nikon Small World competition. The rules states clearly that the image should be obtained through a microscope. It should be a light microscope and as far as I know, any technique is allowed. When you fill in the form, you say what technique you have used.
I´ve entered this competition 3 times and obtained "Image of Distinction" and this year "Top 100"

Hope this helps and good luck... :D
Kind Regards

Lier Fotoklubb / NSFF

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Post by rjlittlefield »

This question has been investigated in prior years. See in particular http://www.photomacrography.net/forum/v ... 757#177757 and http://www.photomacrography.net/forum/v ... 895#189895 .

To my eye, the key seems to be convincing the contest officials to accept that your rig qualifies as a "homemade microscope". I suspect that the level of sophistication is key.

Focus stacking is definitely permitted, and is key in many of the winning entries. I don't see any prohibitions on digital processing. The adjustments that you mention for exposure, contrast, white balance etc. are routine and should present no problems. Any unusual treatments such as false color should be mentioned, similar to the rules here at photomacrography.net.


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Macro Photog
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Thanks Rik (and Chris S for the inquiry to Nikon Small World!)

I was sure I'd seen at least one of these strings at some point but I must have not chosen the correct search words when trying to find them.

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Post by Beatsy »

Looks like "homemade microscopes" are beginning to dominate the winning entries too - with confocal making up the bulk of the rest. Congrats to all PMN forum members with placings!

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