UPlanApo vs. UPlanSApo Olympus Objectives for BX Series

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UPlanApo vs. UPlanSApo Olympus Objectives for BX Series

Post by CesarG »

Does anyone have experience comparing the older UPlanApo objectives with the newer UPlanSApo objectives? Is there any material difference? From all the numbers on the objective it looks like they should be the same. Also, I've had a hard time finding literature on the UPlanApo series.

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Post by hkv »

I have both a UplanApo40X/0.85 and a newer UplanSAPO 40X/0.95. I must admit I rarely experience any difference between them. Of course, the 0.95 should resolve more, but there are so many other parameters that play a role also.

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Post by Choronzon »

Lead free glass on the newer versions would be my assumption, due to EPA guidelines put in place a while ago. Around the same time they had to redesign the brewster window of all the Argon multi line gas lasers sold in the USA.
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