Stereo diatoms (crossed eyed pairs)

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Charles Krebs
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Stereo diatoms (crossed eyed pairs)

Post by Charles Krebs »

My last marine sample was getting pretty "ripe" so I cleaned some of the diatoms before tossing it. Here are four cross-eyed stereo pairs. These were photographed "dry" with the Olympus 50/0.50 LMPLFLN objective. Converted to black and white since there was no color, the exception being the third one where the girdle behaved like a diffraction grating so I left it in color.





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Post by Jacek »

Mega Super !

Marek Mis
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Post by Marek Mis »

Beautiful and perfect quality images !
Diatoms look like glass and rich ornamented boxes :)


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Post by zzffnn »

Very beautiful!! Thank you for sharing!
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Super as usual

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Post by Pau »

Wow! fabulous set.

just one point: the stereo of the BW images is perfect but I cant see the color one so well aligned, do other people have the same issue? (I can't see cross eye stereos so I convert them to parallel and use a mirror viewer)

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Post by vendav »

The colour images work for me as a cross eye pair, with perfect alignment.
I've not appreciated before that diatoms could look just like a mix of boiled sweets!
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David :P

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How shall I put this? ZOWIE!

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Post by Troels »

Those stereo images are wonderful!
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Post by rjlittlefield »

Pau wrote: the stereo of the BW images is perfect but I cant see the color one so well aligned, do other people have the same issue?
I see the same thing. I think it is because this subject is a single large cylinder, viewed with a large angle between left and right eyes. That combination means that there are large regions on the left and right sides of the cylinder that are seen by one eye but not the other. The result, for me, is that the sides of the cylinder seem to "shimmer", while the top, front, and back sides all lock up solid.

Looking at the pair not locked up, I am immediately struck that the cylinder on the left is tipped toward the left, while the cylinder on the right is almost vertical. The thought comes to mind that this must mean some error in assembling the pair, but I believe that thought is not correct. On closer study, I think that what we're looking at is just a cylinder that would be leaning a little to the left in a straight-on view, as well as being tipped toward us so we can see the top. Then the stereo rendering for one eye's view makes the top move farther left, adding to the apparent tip, while the other eye's view moves the top farther right and cancels the apparent tip.

In other words the stereo is correct, but we're still left with large areas on the left and right that don't get presented to both eyes.


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Post by Pau »

Rik, thanks for your analysis, I would not be able to accurately describe the effect. I'm glad I'm not alone experiencing the issue.

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Post by Sumguy01 »

=D> Very nice set.
Thanks for sharing.

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Post by WalterD »

Beautiful! I still have to figure out how to watch them though, you use something like a stereoscope?



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Post by pwnell »

Incredible. Looks almost like an electron microscope image with that extended depth of field and lack of halos.

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Post by Smokedaddy »

Wow, very nice Charles.

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