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Post by pwnell »

So we all take thousands of photos and upload them here, on Flickr, 500px or some other site. Which really sucks because in my mind, nothing compares to holding a nice 13 x 19 or larger print on Epson Velvet Fine Art paper or Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 308 of something that is ordinarily too small to see with the naked eye.

Which brings me to two questions:

1. Do you ever print your photos?
2. If you do, what do you do with the prints?

I print as and when budget allows - printing 13 x 19 is costly. Last time I checked it is about $5 per photo. But I absolutely love doing that - it is almost as if my photography is incomplete until I have it in my hands.

As to what I do with it - some photos hang on my walls, and I have 4 large binders with printed photos in a cupboard :( which kind of defeats the purpose. Hence me asking these questions... I would love to do something more practical with my printouts - just not sure what. In specific, I'd love to share them with people but am uncertain as to the best way to do so. There are hardly ever any protozoa cocktail parties around my neighbourhood :)

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Post by Olympusman »

Iused to make 13-19 prints to display in my cubicle when I worked at Olympus. Now I print on 8 1/2 x 11 paper and put them in photo albums with plastic sleeves (Pioneer memory Books). I have ablbums for various topics (Plant Life, Pond Life, Crystals, etc.). This makes my photography far more accessible for friends and visitors since they can easily page through the albums.
Using Microsoft Office Word, I can save two or more on a page for greater efficiency. For example, a single Closterium or diatom would take up very little space on a page, but two or three could be arranged very attractively.

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Post by microcollector »

Here in the Seattle area one of the accomplished mineral photographers has prints hanging in some offices. A friend mentioned his work and up went prints. These are all of micro minerals.
micro minerals - the the unseen beauty of the mineral kingdom
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Post by dlg »

I print once in a while, mainly 13x19", on epson 4880 with epson paper. I have a few hanging at home in a "changing gallery" The rest is in boxes. I also make greeting cards and use those once in a while.

Some of the 13x19 images were used in a recent exhibit at my museum. Here are a couple of images from the exhibit:

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Lartge format prints

Post by The QCC »

My sole use for microscope photos is to create large format gallery type prints.
I specialize in mineral and fossil thin sections I either make myself or purchase.

I have a HP Designjet 130nr PS printer and print on super heavy weight matte paper. Most prints are 16 x 24 with some as large a 24 x 48.
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