Invisibility cloak

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Invisibility cloak

Post by elf »

Interesting effect, but I'm not sure how we can use it in photomicrography: ... les-70592/

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Post by rjlittlefield »

A clever technique, well presented.

The illustrations lead me to think "Wow! This thing must be magic".

But as the text explains, "This cloak bends light and sends it through the center of the device, so the on-axis region cannot be blocked or cloaked,” said Choi. This means that the cloaked region is shaped like a doughnut.

A close examination of the illustrations shows that, indeed, the cloaked object would not cover the center of the lenses. But that's not at all obvious in the photos, particularly the hand-with-a-hole where the light ended up passing through the V between two fingers. This definitely is magic, in the senses of both theater and Arthur C. Clarke ("Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic").

The full paper is pretty readable: Figure 4 shows a good summary of how the thing works.


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Post by ChrisR »

See Surplus Shed's "Featured Item" L14575 - a kit of parts to make one of the above, they say. I saw "Thorlabs" on the actual demo lenses.

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Post by GemBro »

Clever ... now all they have to do is cloak the Lens Holders ... and so on and so on ... :D ...

Being a Techy ... this is my kind of cloaking ...

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