Forest on Nowhere Island

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Forest on Nowhere Island

Post by enricosavazzi »

Not strictly photomacrography (FoV around 30 mm) but nonetheless cute.
Olympus 60 mm f/2.8 macro on OM-D E-M5, manual exposure at f/8 and fixed focus, 30 shots with manual shifts between shots along an Arca-compatible long plate for a total travel around 30 mm (fewer shots at higher intervals would actually have been enough), diffused flash (studio flash outside small light cube), Zerene DMap, cropped but no retouching needed. The "sea" is a patterned aluminium panel designed as reflector for lighting fixtures.

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Post by rjlittlefield »

Very nice island, Enrico! I like the idea, and the photo makes me want to go exploring.

The question of whether an image like this would be a "photomacrograph" has been discussed before -- see HERE for example. In the current case, I note that this subject would normally be viewed with a hand lens and that even in this image you've revealed detail at the level of 15 line pairs per mm on the subject -- roughly 2.5X finer than the usual limit of unaided vision. As a result, I'm perfectly comfortable calling it a photomacrograph in the sense of the fellow who originally defined the term.


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Post by Pau »

Nice island (much nicer than the metallic sea IMO), to my taste the WB is not good, too warm

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Re: Forest on Nowhere Island

Post by Harold Gough »

enricosavazzi wrote:Not strictly photomacrography (FoV around 30 mm) but nonetheless cute.
I just looked and "close-up photography" still appears on the front page.

A nice colony of Cladocera.

My images are a medium for sharing some of my experiences: they are not me.

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