History of Microscope

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History of Microscope

Post by DaveW »

Not being a microscopist I don't know if this link has been posted here before, but I stumbled upon it whilst looking for something else, so here it is in case it is of interest to somebody:-



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Post by NationalMicroscope »

During the 1st century AD (year 100), glass had been invented and the Romans were looking through the glass and testing it. They experimented with different shapes of clear glass and one of their samples was thick in the middle and thin on the edges. They discovered that if you held one of these “lenses” over an object, the object would look larger.

Someone also discovered that you can focus the rays of the sun with one of these special “glasses” and start a fire. These early lenses were called magnifiers or burning glasses. The word lens by the way, is derived from the latin word lentil, as they were named because they resembled the shape of a lentil bean (look up lens in a dictionary).

These lenses were not used much until the end of the 13th century when spectacle makers were producing lenses to be worn as glasses.

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Post by Lothar-Gutjahr »

Hi Dave,

thank you for the link. Once and a while the experimenter may look for the history of his field of interest. But mainly one is just thankfull for the works of our "Pre´s" and uses time to work with there results. instead of reading to much-
The next Message from NationalMicroscope i understand as hidden comercial and this should be trown out. At least we do so in Germany.
The posted link is realy a sales promotion and has no connection to the theme started.

Greetings from Bavarya


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