Why and how are insects attracted to night lights

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Why and how are insects attracted to night lights

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I am at the very beginning of my macro journey, and in my readings so far the "moth screen" has come up as a preferred way to attract (and photograph) night insects. But even before this, having seen how night insects buzz around any sufficiently intense light, I have often asked myself, WHY? This question was even more pressing to me considering that in some cases the fly-by was at their peril.

This is where the article in the link below proposes an answer. Quick read, and fascinating. There is also a video to go with the story. I hope you will enjoy it and it will shed new light (pun intended) on your night time macro stacking ...

https://theconversation.com/the-surpris ... sky-221387

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Re: Why and how are insects attracted to night lights

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It is nice to see empirical research on this mysterious subject, and their explanation is novel and interesting. I have my doubts though. My own kitchen window attracts moths, wasps, and rhinoceros beetles at night. The rhinoceros beetles in particular repeatedly crash head-on into the window, and moths also often flutter or hover (in the case of sphinx moths) against the window head-first, continuously pushing forward towards the light. And many insects land on the window and stay there, with their backs facing the darkness.

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