Stacking with natural light... no experience..

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Stacking with natural light... no experience..

Post by Yawns »

I want to take the rig outside to the patio and shoot with natural light rather than artificial light ...flashes or leds
if anyone tried it before and has some tips and advice.. they are most welcome.

I have no clue how it works (if it works). I don't plan to shoot above 10x..(4x and 10x)

I built this dome to prevent wind and breeze.. but i fear to be betrayed by the heat inside and insects curling or something like that... it's done and ready now.

ImageScreenshot 2020-02-13 at 22.50.34 by antonio caseiro, on Flickr

ImageIMG_20200226_230320 by antonio caseiro, on Flickr

If it doesn't works as I am expecting I got a great dome to protect the rig of dust when not in use :lol:

I plan to shoot here... it's quiet, the walls are tall and white and reflect a lot of light.. there is plenty of light without having to be exposed to direct sunlight..

ImageIMG_20190713_174422 by antonio caseiro, on Flickr

the forecast for next weekend is... rain (it was sunny all the week) :)
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Post by MarkSturtevant »

Beautifully designed, as always. Do you think steam would form steam inside?
Mark Sturtevant
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Post by kaleun96 »

If heat is an issue, it might be sufficient to have one panel removed, perhaps the rear one, and the rest should prevent influence from wind.

Or maybe some ventilation holes :D

I like the idea though and look forward to seeing how it turns out. Instead of flashes, you could mount some reflectors on the magic arms to try and direct sunlight on the subject if needed. Though could be an issue if a cloud blocks the sun momentarily, you may end up with some bad frames to stack.
- Cam

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