This is a different use for stacking software

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This is a different use for stacking software

Post by MarkSturtevant »

I had wondered what Zerene Stacker would do if one took a number of pictures of a critter traveling across the field of view. Would it stitch the subject together, end to end? So I tried it, and this is the decidedly weird result.
First, the subject was wooly bear caterpillars, which were quite common here in the Fall. Here is one.

Some of these trials did not work as intended, since ZS would strain mightily to align the caterpillars. But on other occasions it more or less did what I wanted, as shown in these examples:

I was clearly not holding the camera in a fixed position. This is because I was having to pretty much chase after the uncooperative subject.

The last picture shows a cropped image. The 'stacked' larvae to me look like charging mutant buffalo.
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Post by rjlittlefield »

OK, this one made me laugh. Thanks for the post!


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Fun creative shot Mark.


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