Teagueia zeus orchid, simple manual stack-and-stitch

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Lou Jost wrote:Ray, thanks for your concern. Yes, I see now it was an 8.0 (some sources now revise that to 8.2). It knocked over my stacks of books and put some new cracks in my floors, but nothing else. I am amazed at how well everything in the neighborhood has withstood the tossing around. Main thing: my lenses are safe. But I am going to have to rethink my lens storage methods so they don't go flying off the shelves if this happens again.

The amazing thing to me is that I am more than 500km from the epicenter and it still bounced me around a lot. It was a very deep quake which was good for the places near the epicenter. If this had been near the surface it would have flattened cities.
Glad to hear all is OK.

I live in the SF Bay Area, always waiting for the "big one".

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Wow, glad you are OK!! That's a Big One Indeed!!!

Hope all your equipment survived!!

Research is like a treasure hunt, you don't know where to look or what you'll find!

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Thanks Ray and Mike. I can well imagine what it must be like to live in the Bay area.... Mike, everything survives except for some broken skylights.

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....could have been worse, you could have been running a deep stack....
Chris R

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Re: Teagueia zeus orchid, simple manual stack-and-stitch

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Lou Jost wrote:
One surprise for me was the lack of purple fringing. These objectives often do produce purple fringing, but I am beginning to think this may be due to using them at a different extension than they are designed for. I spent a lot of time getting the extension just right to obtain exactly 5x, and maybe this is important. Some Nikon literature gives the recommended extension for these lenses to tenths of a millimeter, as if that amount of accuracy matters. Maybe it really does matter.

Lou, can you point me to the Nikon literature which gives the recommended extensions please?

I have looked a few items on Google but failed to find them.



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Dolmadis, I found those distances on the internet somewhere, in several places, but can't find them now. Will look a bit more. The distances can be found empirically of course, by changing extension until you obtain 5.00x .

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