To complete my photographic equipment

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To complete my photographic equipment

Post by gégé31 »

Hello everyone.

Reaching an advanced age, and with more free time, I would like to complete my photographic equipment for progress in the realm of the infinitely small.

At the moment I have an Ef 100 F/2.8 macro lens and a Mpe 65 so I am fully satisfied.

I have seen and read with great interest a lot of your work — I should say your masterpieces! — but frankly I get a bit lost in all your advice for the future purchase that I am considering.

I have an Ef 200 mm F/2.8 II as telephoto lens and I want to combine it with a microscope objective to exceed Mpe 65 X5, as you advise.
I research in priority on Ebay a NIKON PLAN 10X/0.25 from the infinite range, which remains scarce and expensive. I noticed a Chinese "clone" from H&L Optics that might eventually do the job: ... Sw~gRVpNTK
I would like to know your opinions on this objective, if by any chance you are familiar with it. On paper the figures are tantalizing but what about the results? Besides, this brand is unknown to me. Can you tell me of their seriousness? Would you say this is a good purchase?

On a sidenote, I have trouble finding reliable websites supplying objectives. I would be grateful if you could share a few links to assist me in my present and future researches.

Thanks in advance for your expertise, which I cautiously await before any further purchase.

Kind regards

P.S.: pardon my English, I am French.
Infinitely large consists of infinitely small.

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Post by ChrisR »

Bienvenu, gégé!

You are exactly "on the right track". It's entirely coincidental that I just posted a query about the same, unbranded, objective. If it turns out to be as good as we hope, then it will steal sales from Nikon and Mitutoyo. It appears that nobody has tested one yet.

For Nikon objectives, your local Nikon distributor is worth asking. See experiences in the FAQ thread "Where can I buy...."
Chris R

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