Lenses for Close-Up and Macro Photography

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Lenses for Close-Up and Macro Photography

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175 pages

Done in my spare time and made available to anyone interested. Photos, specs, and information on popular (and rare) lenses that can be used for close-up and macro photography. Also included are essays, photos, and specs on industrial highly-corrected lenses, commonly called the "Exotic Nikkors," but other brands are also included. This is a book on lenses. For information on close-up and macro techniques and equipment see the book "Close-up and Macro Photography, coming soon.

http://spiritgrooves.net/pdf/e-books/Le ... 20V1.1.pdf

MacroStop photography videos.

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Post by JL »


Thank you Michael.

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Thank you very much for sharing.


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Good work. As a coin photographer who is most assuredly fanatical about sharpness, I appreciate any references to the industrial lens genre.

Peter De Smidt
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Good work.

I noticed that there's some brochure's available on Ebay that might interest people who read this thread: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Nikkor-Bro ... 5d4ee59e19

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I can mention that I have several Nikon brochures on copy, repro and enlarger lenses freely available for download from my site (together with other old lens and photomacrography-related literature). No need to pay for it if it is already available for free.


Well done, Michael. There is always a need for information of this type.

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