NDPL-1(2x) lens: Focal lenght and Maximum aperture?

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NDPL-1(2x) lens: Focal lenght and Maximum aperture?

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Good afternoon,

I am an Italian nature writer, I have an Optika b-600T microscope (see picture) and I have made several pictures with a Nikon D300 camera.
I use a T-ring for Nikon, connected with a NDPL-1(2x) lens (Optika code M-173) and a photo tube adapter (Optika code: M-699).
I usually take pictures with ISO 200 or 400, but I'd like to set my camera for Focal lenght and Maximum aperture too, anyway I don't know this information: could you please help me?
How do you use your Nikon D300 camera with a microscope? Do you set a different configuration?
In the future I'd like to use a flash too for my photomicrography, do you have any experience?

Best regards,


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