Most Biodiverse Country (for Insects)

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Most Biodiverse Country (for Insects)

Post by Noah212 »

I'm trying to find the most biodiverse country with regard to insects. More specifically, which countries have the most diverse assortment of insect life as well as the most exotic. From the research I've done, it seems that these are the top few (in no particular order).

Costa Rica
Papua New Guinea

I'm hoping some of you can shed some more light on this and help me to narrow down the list to the top two or three.

Harold Gough
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Post by Harold Gough »

What you want is the one with the most diverse habitats. All things being equal, tropical is likely to be the best.

Accesibility is another consideration. There many be many species up in the forest canopy or on top of it but that may not help you.

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Post by ChrisR »

Having just come back from Australia, I'm thinking that huge country might get a look-in. Big must contribute, so Russia, China...
For a compact country with a range of climates, Chile?
If you happen to live in one of those countries, then none of the species are exotic ;).

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Re: Most Biodiverse Country (for Insects)

Post by sikuri »

Do you want most known/estimated species overall or most species per square km or something else? I think Peru might be a quite good candidate in the sense that it has very diverse habitats (marine environments, deserts, mountains, cloudforests, rainforests at different altitudes).

Edit. Lol, didn't realise the original post was so old.

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