Another newbie from downunder

Lets get to know each other better. Here's a forum to post images and short autobiographies of ourselves as well as any other info you would like to post about yourself.

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Another newbie from downunder

Post by Liney »


First post on a recently discovered forum, so where do I start?

I've had the photo bug since the 80's, went digital about 9 years ago and have dabbled in a number of genres over the years. Macro is one area I've dipped my toe into recently, exploring the capabilities of my existing zoom lenses with a "macro" capability and a set of cheap extension tubes.

I finally have the change to take the next step, pick up a couple of gadgets to aid me along the way and maybe have a desktop studio setup.

I'm always on the lookout for new ideas, love "repurposing" old junk into a new use (never throw anything away there is a chance it could be useful) and am looking forward to the challenge.

Oh the nom de plume comes from the days when I worked on an aircraft flight line waving at pilots, but aircraft don't come that small so don't expect to see images of them....


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Post by Harald »

Hi there Andy,
Welcome aboard :D
This is a great forum, I´ve learned a lot from the amazing members.
No stupid questions, only questions.
Where to start? Hmm, I think browsing around and look for interesting things to photograph, get the inspiration from other members...
Don´t be afraid to post images and ask for comments.

Looking forward to see some sharings from you
Kind Regards

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Post by rjlittlefield »

Andy, welcome aboard!

Since you're into repurposing stuff, be sure to take a look at ... 5311#55311 and follow the links therein.

I think this forum shows more DIY projects than your average arts and crafts convention.


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