Hello from Russia!

Lets get to know each other better. Here's a forum to post images and short autobiographies of ourselves as well as any other info you would like to post about yourself.

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Hello from Russia!

Post by DmI3N »

Hello everyone, I guess it's time to make an introduction post about myself. My name is Dmitrii, I'm 22 years old, interested in microscopy since school years, my first microscope was LOMO Biolam, now I'm in love with Carl Zeiss Jena 50s-60s microscopes and have 3 of them + a full wardrobe of accesoires. I suffer from mental disorder and microscopy world has became a part of my therapy. The whole process from tracking down and buying an old microscope to repairing it and finally looking through it is some kind of magic for me. Since I live in Russia, I naturally know a lot about LOMO microscopes and lens, so feel free to ask anything. Also I've accumulated some knowledge about Carl Zeiss Jena microscopes through the years I collected them.

My main microscope is Zeiss NfPk with Epi illuminator, Variable phase contrast, DIN 45mm Apochromat objectives from Mikroval era and trinocular head. Recently I've aquired and repaired Polmi A polarizing microscope and had many great moments looking at crystals through it - will definitely post some pictures later. For work purposes (I do some metalworking and research in electroplating field) I have Epityp-2 inverted microscope with polarization set and microhardness tester after Hanemann. Also I own LOMO MSPE-1 (МСПЭ-1) zoom stereomicroscope and LBVO (ЛБВО) surgical binocular glasses with fiber optic illuminator for work with small parts. Someday I'll make more detailed posts about those fine microscopes.

Apart from microscopy, my hobbies/pastime include birdwatching, 3d-printing (I own an SLA resin printer), metalworking (when I was in college, I had access to a great machine shop and made some mods for my microscopes there). I really enjoy designing and making non-standard equipment. I am jeweler by trade, my main dream is to open my own small workshop.
Finally, here's a picture of some of my gear - Epityp 2 to the left, Nf on the right and LBVO sitting atop of Nf's wooden box. All wooden boxes nearby are accesoires for microscopes - I really try my best to find equipment with it's respective box for collection and aesthetic purposes.

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Re: Hello from Russia!

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Hello Dmitrii,

you have a great selection of microscopes there. I like your story and reason for enjoying microscopy. I too have a Zeiss Jena NF - a fantastic piece of engineering with great optics.

I look forward to hearing more from you.

Best regards from England


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