G'day from Oztralia

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G'day from Oztralia

Post by BruceC »

New member, new to macro photography. I live about 400km north of Sydney. We get out of lockdown in 33 hours (but who's counting). Pity I have to go to Sydney in 3 days time for another operation.

I have been into photography for about 12 years. Took it up as I approached retirement to give me something to do. I progressed (regressed?) to full frame over a period of years. I had a macro lens but could not get any halfway decent photos and lost interest. This time last year I sold all my FF gear and up-graded to MFT. In this case, Olympus EM5iii. Its been the best move I have made in my photography. So much lighter, smaller and functional. Included in the move was the purchase of a 60mm Olympus macro lens. I have started playing around with it seriously in the past 2 weeks. I've been amazed how much easier it is to get decent results compared to FF.

So far, my gear is minimal. The camera, macro lens and I use the tiny hot-shoe mounted flash that came with the camera. Because its powered by the camera body it was easy to buy an extension cord and use it off camera with some tissue paper as a diffuser. I will probably stay with this setup until I find it is limiting what I can achieve. The good side is that it got me going in macro. The other incentive is that it is currently spring time here and there are millions (literally) of wildflowers in bloom. We also have many native plants in the yard that attract insects and spiders.

Enough of this - I'm off to take a few more photos.

Bruce Camjpbell
(from a small village outside Taree)

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Re: G'day from Oztralia

Post by grgh »

Welcome Brucec, you will find lots to inspire your interest on this site.
Lets hope that the operation goes well and you are soon back with us.
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and photography.
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