Nikon E400 and phototube for sale

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Nikon E400 and phototube for sale

Post by DiatomsofWales »

I am selling my Nikon E400 and associated photomicrography accessories (full list below). I bought the microscope about 5 years ago, when I came into a small pot of money at the start of my PhD. I am leaving science (unfortunately the funding opportunities are not great) and have decided to move the microscope on as I have no space in my flat. During my PhD, I was using the microscope to identify Antarctic diatoms so I know that the objectives are capable of resolving fine details, such as stria and areola, of the smallest diatoms. For example, the stria of the gyrosigma can be seen using the 40x objective and the proximal raphe ends can be seen using the 100x objective.

I have been advised that I would get more money for the equipment by selling the components individually. However, I would rather sell the equipment together as a whole package as I don't have the patience or means (i.e. a store front or well advertised website as many microscope services do). The setup is ready to go for a Nikon DSLR and is ideal for an amateur looking to get into photomicrography, or for a lab looking to increase its imaging capability. If the buyer wanted to use an alternative brand of camera (for example, Leica) then a T-mount adapter can be purchased for ca. £10 from most good camera stores. A buyer could easily recoup some of the cost of the whole package by selling objectives, spare eyepieces or the phototube etc. For example, the Martin Microscope adapter itself cost $500 without US-UK shipping taxes.

Here is a list of what is available:
Nikon Eclipse E400 microscope w/ C-C Phase Contrast condenser (BF, DF, PH1,
PH2 and PH3)
10x 0.25NA Plan Achromat Phase Contrast objective PH1
20x 0.40NA Plan Achromat Phase Contrast objective PH1
40x 0.65NA Plan Achromat Phase Contrast objective PH2
100x 1.25NA Plan Achromat Phase Contrast objective PH3
10x 0.25NA Plan Achromat objective
100x 1.30NA Plan Flour DIC/BF objective

2x CFI 10x/22 eyepieces
2x CFI 12.5x/16 eyepieces
1x CF1 10x/22 eyepiece with 10 mm (100 divisions) graticule
Green filter
Blue filter
Y-IDP double port
Martin Microscope Company 1.38x MSDLR-NE T-mount adapter phototube
Nikon T-mount adapter
Ergonomic binocular head
2x Y-IER eye level risers
Phase telescope (to adjust the condenser annulus)
Dust cover (Nikon H550S - big enough to leave on with a camera)
Spare halogen bulb

If you are interested, or you know someone who might be, I would love to hear from you. The microscope has been serviced recently (September 2019) by Fullerscope Services and, naturally, has been very well looked after. I am based in Cardiff, UK. I would be happy for you to come and try it out with your own camera and slides before buying, to ensure satisfaction. I'm looking for £1999 ONO. If you would like to know more, or more images don't hesitate to get in touch. I was never very good at taking light micrographs of diatom frustules, as if I needed to image them I would use an SEM. Many thanks


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Post by grgh »

Looks in lovely condition
hope you soon move it to a good home

would buy it in a shot should finances come my way, mean while ill have to stick with my Zeiss.

Sorry that you are leaving science due to funding, always a pity to hear stories
such as yours after all those years of study.

Best of luck in whatever the future holds for you.

used to do astronomy.
and photography.
Zeiss Universal Phase contrast.
Zeiss PMII

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Post by Macro_Cosmos »

Lovely microscope and the price is good too!

Yes, you will for sure get more if you sell them as individual bits. You can list on ebay during weekends for 99c final value fees, or when ebay gives you a free listing promo. This will be against the interest of any potential buyers, but you will make more this way for sure. Bothered or not, either way, the price is very fair and I wish I could justify owning it.

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Post by DiatomsofWales »

Thanks for the advice both :) I will keep an eye out for those 99c listings

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