SOLD -- Nikon 10x Fluor + Nikon 20x Flour, best

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SOLD -- Nikon 10x Fluor + Nikon 20x Flour, best

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BOTH SOLD now... ! Thankyou

For sale to the members here are two very good conditioned NIKON lenses:

SOLD Nikon CFI LU Plan Fluor Epi 10x, (NA 0.30 / WD = 17.50 mm) in very good condition, glas is perfect, tiny minor signs in the lettering at the barrel only


SOLD ! Nikon CFI ELWD Plan Fluor 20x/0.45 DIC L/N1 with collar ∞/0-2 WD = 7.4 mm, in clean condition, no marks on the barel;


1x LOMO 40x /0.75 Water-emulsion finite microscope lens: 40 EUR

Shipping costs (+ Payal fees) in addition. I ship worldwide.
No taxes inside Europe. Please send me your PM for any details.

Thankyou for your interest!


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