Zeiss SV8 Stereo microscope

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Zeiss SV8 Stereo microscope

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I am offering for sale, a Zeiss SV8 Stereo Microscope.

This scope was built by Zeiss, in Germany. (the new stereos are built for Zeiss by Motic in the far east. Except the electronic Stereo Discovery models which are still built by Zeiss). This particular model, is built like a German tank. All metal, wherever it counts.It was built prior to the time when stereos got separated into different product levels. At a time when Zeiss recognized only one level. The best. Now of course they have four levels of stereo scope available.

There is a current model called the SV8, which is part of the Stereo Discovery line. This is not that scope.( https://www.micro-shop.zeiss.com/index. ... 5-0001-000 ) Absolute rockest bottom price on entry level there is $5391 on a plain stand with no lighting.
It is subsequent to the DRC line, and prior to the SV6/11. Probably built in the late seventies or early eighties.

It has eight to one zoom.
Here are some pictures from the web.
http://www.promicron.com/stereo-microsc ... barem.html Not the very first scope on this page. Second picture.
(Dealer offer at $4500. Of course askin ain't gettin)
https://www.micro-shop.zeiss.com/?s=621 ... m%5D=m1078

It will come with a brand new pair of 10x Zeiss oculars. https://www.micro-shop.zeiss.com/index. ... 6-9000-000
Note the $740 a pair list price (good luck trying to get a discount on Zeiss gear. Never had em. Probably never will)

It will come mounted on a new Diagnostic Instruments Transmitted Light Base 3006 like this one:
Note the $2300 list price. Included in which is a new FOSTEC fiber optic light source.

I am going to freshen the lubricants on everything that moves on this instrument using special very long lasting and stable products that are not widely available. The optics are perfect. It has a 1.0x achromatic objective.

I will be asking about $2500 for this outfit. The bidding starts there because I am pretty sure a friendly scope dealer I do business with will give me that much. For an extra $500 I will include a pair of GIA gemclips and a FOSTEC ring darkfield that is 100% compatible with the TLB 3000 and its illuminator. The last two items are not offered for sale without the scope.

An identical dark field ringlight can be seen here:
http://www.gemologyonline.com/Forum/php ... 57&t=13714
with a couple of examples of its performance here:
http://www.gemologyonline.com/Forum/php ... 21&t=13698

The scope is compatible from the zoom body up with all accessories from the later SV6/11 series though the paint might not match. The objectives are different. However accessories for these do appear on the web pretty regularly and any purchaser will have lifetime product support from me. (my lifetime not yours :lol: ) This includes helping you get anything your little heart desires to buy as a present for your scope.

If anyone is interested in this scope please contact me by PM.


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