Watching macro photos in 3D using VR Headset(my experience)

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Watching macro photos in 3D using VR Headset(my experience)

Post by MacroLab3D »

Hi. I am VR entusiast (unfortunaltely it is not mainstream yet), and i was watching all your 3D photos since Rift DK1 days. Yes it was not consumer friendly back then. And now situation is not much better. You still need to click bunch of buttons before you start actually watch anything, unfortunately for consumers. But when you do - it's mind-blowing.

I have Gear VR and Oculus Rift and here is how you do it if you looking for the best possible experience with Rift(i recommend Rift, but HTC Vive good too):

0. Buy Rift/Vive+PC ($600+1000)
1. Buy Virtual Desktop(around $12)
2. Find parallel photo gallery in your favorite Parallel 3D or Cross-eye community.
3. Launch Virtual Desktop and enter HalfSBS mode by pressing F6. Be prepared to press F9 to switch right/left because some groups post both formats in same album.
4. Enjoy watching photos. But your eyes will "work" a little adjusting from photo to photo since everyone make them on their own taste without any rules.

Long time ago i was inspired to make my own 3D photos this is how i ended on this forum.

I am not sure if you can do it with Gear VR or Google Cardboard just yet, but technology evolving daily and i am sure soon it will be cheaper and faster(or even today).

The best ever photo in my experience, by : ... lyph=false ... lyph=false

Because you can zoom in and pan just like you working with microscope.

Here is my settings(Virtual Desktop, F6, F9, flat screen) ... sage_1.jpg

By pressing F2/F3 you can make screen bigger or smaller to your taste.

EDIT: And this is my works(Facebook Album): ... =3&theater
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Post by rjlittlefield »

Excellent, thanks very much for this information!


(BTW, I did a slight admin edit on your post, to fix a formatting problem that was causing a broken link.)

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