New video: The Snowflake Mystery

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New video: The Snowflake Mystery

Post by rjlittlefield »

Here's an interesting video about snowflake formation, an interview with Ken Libbrecht on the Veritasium channel.

I was not aware that the technology had advanced to "snowflakes by design".


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Re: New video: The Snowflake Mystery

Post by MarkSturtevant »

Way cool! The Veritasium series is always so well done.
I have photographed snowflakes, off and on, but what I have is far from ready for prime time. But it's still a fun challenge.
Mark Sturtevant
Dept. of Still Waters

Chris S.
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Re: New video: The Snowflake Mystery

Post by Chris S. »

Interesting indeed--thanks for linking to it.

Looking briefly at some of Libbrecht's journal articles, it appears that he has disclosed--at least in broad brush strokes--elements of his "snowflakes by design" apparatus. I find myself wishing for a thorough, nuts-and-bolts, design recipe, but didn't see one. What fun it would be to devise, test, and publish a recipe--then many could play.

My brief dive left me wondering what a "diffusion chamber" is in Libbrecht's approach. Anyone know?

--Chris S.

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Re: New video: The Snowflake Mystery

Post by zzffnn »

Very interesting!

Chris S, have you asked Professor Ken Libbrecht by email for a "recipe" or exploded design diagram? It wouldn't hurt.

I would guess he would have patented necessary elements, if he wanted that. There is probably not much commercial interest (besides making customized jewelries?); so I don't see why the professor would hide it from citizen scientists / photographers. He likely just does it for research / publication purpose.

Lou Jost
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Re: New video: The Snowflake Mystery

Post by Lou Jost »

What a good video! Seems like a very nice person too.

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