YouTube channel "Journey to the Microcosmos"

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YouTube channel "Journey to the Microcosmos"

Post by rjlittlefield »

This channel came to my attention today. It has been around for several years, but I do not find any prior references in our forum.

"Journey to the Microcosmos", channel at ... jLGUwX5Q3g .

Most recent video, "We Upgraded Our Microscope... Again!" at .

Another fairly recent, "Bursaria: Giant Gravity-Sensing Vacuums" at .

This latter one coins a new word, curiotaxis, as in
But to get to the bottom of it, we, as a species, need to keep searching and learning and discovering. That's what we do. The way microbes have chemotaxis and gravitaxis, humans maybe have, curiotaxis. We can sense what we do and do not know, and we can allow ourselves to be drawn away from or toward those things.
I like that thought. Tune in at 8:28 to hear the original.

To my eye, these videos are really well done. I expect to be spending a lot of time with these folks.


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Re: YouTube channel "Journey to the Microcosmos"

Post by Tom Jones »

I've been watching for at least a couple of seasons and am a big fan. They do really nice work.


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Re: YouTube channel "Journey to the Microcosmos"

Post by MarkSturtevant »

Very cool! I will now commence watching.
Mark Sturtevant
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Re: YouTube channel "Journey to the Microcosmos"

Post by Adalbert »

Hi Rik,
Thank you for the links!
BTW, thy moth wing under UV light was really great (so, I have to test it :-)
Best, ADi

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Re: YouTube channel "Journey to the Microcosmos"

Post by photosbytw »

Thanks for the heads up...........I added it as well......
Since I have retired and I've rekindled a love for photography. I don't take myself serious but I do take creating interesting and well executed images seriously.

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Re: YouTube channel "Journey to the Microcosmos"

Post by benjamind2014 »

This is what got me interested in DIC microscopy.

So I guess they've achieved something - more people are interested in this technology, and the videos they are producing are second to none in terms of quality. Smooth 60fps. I wonder what cameras they are using to get such great video quality and speed?

I've looked at the Zeiss cameras, but they max out at 30fps for the 208 at 4k but they don't list fps for other resolutions.

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