Another example of good customer service

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Another example of good customer service

Post by mawyatt »

I've been using Pololu Tic-500 micro controller and stepper motor drivers for my experimental precision S&S system. They have worked superbly without any issues.

Yesterday I was informed by Pololu that they had discovered a minor issue with the Tic-500 with certain motor characteristics and higher supply voltages and traced the problem to a glitch causing a reset of the controller. This glitch occurs when certain motor parameters react with the higher supply voltages under high current demand conditions and is the result of not having a localized decoupling capacitor close enough electrically to the chip to "decouple" the glitch.

Their solution was to add an additional decoupling capacitor close to the chip with a minor change to the PCB.

I was notified that they are sending out replacement Tic-500s, "b" version, at no cost.

Another good example of Great Customer Service :D

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Lou Jost
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Post by Lou Jost »

Wow, how nice to see behavior like that in today's world!

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