Limits: 3 topics and 6 images per calender day

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Limits: 3 topics and 6 images per calender day

Post by rjlittlefield »

Effective immediately, is increasing the posting limits as follows:
The image posting limit for all Image Galleries is six (6) images during the course of one (1) calendar day. You can post one topic containing all six images, or three topics with two images each, or any other combination within the specified limits.

*Note: There is no limit for image postings in the technical discussion forums, as long as the images are specifically referenced in the discussions.
The previous limit was effectively three topics and three images, so the effect of the increase is to allow more images but not more new topics per day.

Motivation for the change is to allow more complete illustration of complex topics, while still keeping some protections in place against the occasional over-prolific newbie.

Hope you find this helpful! :D

The Admin Team
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Post by Cyclops »

So whichever method you choose the limit is 6 images per day in total right?
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Post by iconoclastica »

Is there a file size limit of about 150kb?

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Post by ChrisR »

That's 300kB per picture.
Chris R

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