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Looking for feedback

Post by Justin.Qamera »

Hi everyone, my name is Justin I just wanted to ask a question about a service I’ve been developing for photographers and videographers. Keep in mind that this is brand-new and I’m still working out exactly how to implement it, so your feedback would be greatly appreciated (hence the post).

Anyways, its called Qamera, and I already have a website running at www.Qamera.co. It aims to lower the costs of buying or renting cameras and camera accessories, and it essentially acts as a club for camera gear. You would pay a small monthly subscription fee, and in return get access to a huge virtual catalog of camera equipment, which you can check out and get shipped to you for free, keep as long as you want, and then send back and swap out for a different set of gear.

If you think this is a cool idea (or if you don’t) please reply and give me your feedback. As a videographer myself, I know how expensive it is to buy or rent gear, and I think this service could help change that for our community. All replies are welcome I'm just looking for pointers.

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Post by mawyatt »

Hi Justin,

Interesting idea. How would the initial stock of equipment get funded for purchase? And what is the initial target equipment stockpile list?



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Post by Justin.Qamera »

We plan to lease the equipment at first, and the stockpile would be built based on the recommendations of people who visit the site (on the waitlist form there is a section where you list the gear you want)

Thanks Mike for your feedback and your questions!

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Post by MarkSturtevant »

If you stock a Canon mpe65mm and a Canon 100-400mm Mark II, I would really like to know about it. :)
Mark Sturtevant
Dept. of Still Waters

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