Wide angle macro

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Wide angle macro

Post by Grahame »

Thought this might be of interest to some.
A different macro look at the world.
http://www.diyphotography.net/lightweig ... pth-field/

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Post by ChrisR »

I'm not sure if that's "different " or not.
As far as I am aware, for the close-up, deep perspective look, one needs a wide angle ( A Canon 10mm-18 zoom for aps is much cheaper), and an entrance pupil near the front of the lens, and a decent working distance, given the focal length.
The picture
shows the position of the iris, hence E-P, which doesn't look unusual, though a check against the Canon needs doing.

Getting closeish wideish isn't hard, but the match head was just about touching the lens here - cheap Canon Powershot compact, 35mm equivalent FL about 32mm iirc..

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Post by johan »

Kurt has been doing this for ages, really well too. Have a look at http://orionmystery.blogspot.co.uk/
My extreme-macro.co.uk site, a learning site. Your comments and input there would be gratefully appreciated.

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Post by rjlittlefield »

And one technical point, in the unlikely event that anybody else cares...

The article says that
Much greater depth of field(DOF) allows most of the subject to be in focus
There's a bit of truth to this, but not as much as you might think.

DOF is determined by the angles of the ray cones, which is a matter of effective aperture and magnification, nothing to do with the angle of view per se.

Most reports of greater DOF for wide angle lenses are just because they naturally operate at lower magnification. When distance to subject is adjusted to give same magnification, then same effective aperture also implies same DOF, independent of lens focal length.

However, in the notably OOF background areas, wide-angle shots can appear significantly sharper even at same effective aperture and same magnification in the plane of focus. That's because at same magnification in the plane of focus, the wide angle setup will give lower magnification for the background.


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