RIP David John Kelly (micro_pix)

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David Maitland
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RIP David John Kelly (micro_pix)

Post by David Maitland »

It is with sadness that I tell you of the death of our greatly valued, and much loved, member David Kelly (micro_pix) 7th Sept. 1959 – 15th Sept. 2022.
Famous here for his wonderful documentations of horse parasites: ... hp?t=39699
and tick mouthparts: ... hp?t=43409

However, there was much more behind David’s inquisitive eye:
Choosing a career as a helicopter pilot in the Royal Navy over one as being a marine biologist, David served in Northern Ireland and the Falklands with 847 Commando Squadron, flying the Wessex 5 troop carrying helicopter, and later with 845 Squadron, HMS Invincible, and Search and Rescue. On leaving the Forces, David flew helicopters for the Police. David joined British Airways as a pilot in 1989 flying 737’s and 777’s as a first officer, before moving to 747’s as Captain. David retired in 2015 to pursue his passions of fishing, photography, microscopy and fungi. An accomplished mycologist and cook, David frequently made culinary forays into his local wood - the New Forest (Southampton, England).

In the words of David’s brother Michael: “David achieved a great deal in his life because he always liked to take on the things that would challenge him and do them as well as he possibly could through hours of research and practice.”
One of the David’s many aphorisms his son Sam remembers is: “Mosquitos and wasps are extremely dangerous, but death is nothing to fear.”
David’s son Tom summed him up admirably with: “He was a total maverick. He had an independence of thought, intelligence, and strength of conviction beyond anyone I’ve ever met.”

We all at Photomacrography saw clearly David’s immense talent with the Microscope and benefited greatly from his shared experience. Indeed, even the local Vet made use of David’s skills to help with horse parasitic diagnoses. He will be greatly missed.

David is survived by his wife Ailie and son’s Tom and Sam.

If you would like to get in touch with David’s family, please PM me and I will pass it on.

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Re: RIP David John Kelly (micro_pix)

Post by PeteM »

What amazing images on his website. I can't think of a better memorial than keeping his site up for a decade (or more) more.

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Re: RIP David John Kelly (micro_pix)

Post by Pau »

This is a very sad news, he has been a brilliant microscopist and photographer and a most valued forum member.

Please transmit to his family the condolences of the administrators and of the whole forum community

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