BSTJ 1970 Photolithography Issue

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BSTJ 1970 Photolithography Issue

Post by ray_parkhurst »

Serendipity: the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. Finding interesting or valuable things by chance.

I went to a local estate sale a few weeks ago which had a wide variety of technical and other publications from the 60's-80's. It's actually fairly typical these days of the local estates, with so many retired (real) tech engineers all around. Along with a bunch of aero pubs, I found a couple of Bell System Tech Journals, and one of them was a serendipitous find...the Photolithography issue from 1970. Turns out this issue has an excellent article on lens design from the early days of semi manufacturing, plus descriptions of the cameras and mechanics of the system. The lens article has probably the best description of MTF I've read, plus an excellent treatment of the design tradeoffs for the litho lens.

I was planning to scan the articles to publish here, but realized it probably already has been done, and then realized there might be other similar articles in the BSTJ. A quick search revealed an online index, with every article scanned and available, see here: ... tj-archive

The lens article from the Photolithography issue is here:

You can find the other articles on the cameras and mechanics in the index.

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