My Setup, without the good result

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My Setup, without the good result

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Hello everyone
I have recently taken up macro and super macro photography
a few days ago I received the wemacro, I took some microscope lenses and extension tubes and I already had raynox in my possession.

I did various tests, but in spite of being inexperienced, I didn't get good results
first, I lose sharpness with respect to the lens I used to take before.
other thing and that I am not clear how many tubes to use on my lenses and in the various combos, I read on the forum and on various sites, but each one says different things
same thing for the step for shooting with the wemacro.

I hope some of you can help me out

this is the equipment I own

- full frame camera
- 4x50mm tubes
-3x10mm tubes
-raynox 150
-raynox 250
- 4x lens / 0.11 ∞ / -
- 10x lens / 0.25 ∞ / -

until recently I have text the combination of
160mm you tubes
inverted raynox 150
lenre 4x

settings on wemacro
shutter waiting time - 3 sec
shutter for step - 1
interval of shutter - 5 sec
step length 50 um

I hope to have been clear, and to be able to set everything up to be able to optimize what I have, and get what I want from my photo setup

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