Minding the nest

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Minding the nest

Post by Pizzazz »

Hi Gang!

It has been a very long time since I have posted, and now I am finally
able to get back into my macro, as I have been SWAMPED with home
improvements, etc.

I am puzzled about this shot because I polarized the left-side light source
AND polarized the camera lens, and yet I am getting odd highlights.

In my viewfinder, I see all of the reflective areas disappear, yet they still
creep back into the stack.

Thoughts/suggestions welcome.

This queen was making her nest by my garage door and she was getting
a little too aggressive, so I signed her up for a nice portrait.

Notice the poison drop at the end of her stinger and the crest of an egg to
the right of her right front leg.



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Post by Harald »

Hi there Pizzazz,
Great shot.
Could the difference in light be because you move your camera?

Nice light and details
Kind Regards

Lier Fotoklubb / NSFF

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Minding the nest

Post by Olympusman »

Very nice image. Love the graded background.

Michael Reese Much FRMS EMS Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA

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Post by Pizzazz »


Thanks for the info on the light moving I haven't had a chance to play with that but I'm just wondering about the effect.

As for my gradient on the background I used a black sheet of paper and some fiber optic light on it too get me my shift of color


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