Lousefly with eggs

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Yousef Alhabshi
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Lousefly with eggs

Post by Yousef Alhabshi »

Hello :)

Today, i'm sharing a work of Lousefly with some eggs on it's mouthpart. At 1st glance, I thought these are some kind of parasite eggs which about to hatch.. but thankfully with Nikola Rahme's help on the facebook, we found out that these eggs are assembling the specie own eggs!

We still don't know how did they reach the mouthpart neither how they're stucked there.. therefore, any info here are appreciated.

Also, I found that there is one big egg -perhaps?- on the top of the eggs.. I still don't know what that is & whether if it's related to the eggs or not!

The good news is.. I got a HM for this work in Olympus Bioscapes Competition 2014 :D
the sad news is.. in additional to the HM prize I was one of the top ten winners.. but then the work got disqualified by the judge panel when they knew that it was taken using the JML21mm instead of a real microscope objective.. that hurts :(

Somehow I missed the point that all works MUST be taken using a microscopic objective.. my fault.

Anyway, I'm honored to see my name listed with such big names and among some fascinating works :)

Here's the work

Used equipments:
- Nikon D800E
- Mitutoyo 10X BD
- Nikon Bellows BP-6
- Twin Flashes

I'll upload a better res later as I haven't uploaded the work yet on my filcr account.. once I do.. i'll update it here.


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Post by RogelioMoreno »


Lovely picture!


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Post by GemBro »

Fantastic shot Yousef, as always :) ...
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Post by canonian »

Congratulations Yousef, a well-deserved crown on all your work.
Now you made me curious for the image you submitted taken with the JML.:)

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Post by Saul »

Excellent stack Yousef, perfect DOF !!!

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Post by abpho »

Nice image Yousef. Too bad about the JML. You'll make it next year.
I'm in Canada! Isn't that weird?

Charles Krebs
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Post by Charles Krebs »

Great image, beautiful work!

Yousef Alhabshi
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Post by Yousef Alhabshi »

Thank a lot Rogelio

Thank you so much for the compliment :D

Thanks for your continously support Fred :D
As for the other image, it's my previous work of the Cuckoo Wasp ;)

Cuckoo Wasp

Appreciate it dear.. thanks a lot :)

Thanks.. although i'm not really sure about that as i'm sure that it's going to be crowded with splendid works which makes it difficult to compete :D

Many thanks to you for all the articles & tests which made us where we are today.. words would not be enough to thank you :)
Congrats as well for your wonderful work!

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