My first image post here

Images taken in a controlled environment or with a posed subject. All subject types.

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My first image post here

Post by wwheeler48 »

Hi all, this is my first image post here. I am a relative newbie to macro. I believe this is a huntsman spider. Shot on Sony a7ii, 10X Nikon objective, DCR 150 reversed as tube lens, Nikon Bellows. 1/100 s, ISO 100, three flashes with double tracing paper diffusion. Approximately 250 images slabbed, stacked in Zerene and developed in Lightroom.

Any comments, criticisms or suggestions would be greatly appreciate. Happy New Year.
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Doug Johnson
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Re: My first image post here

Post by Doug Johnson »

Well, I'm a noobie here too, and that just blows me away!!! Well done, whatever it is!

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Re: My first image post here

Post by Adalbert »

Very nice, great lighting and welcome to the forum!
Best, ADi

Lou Jost
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Re: My first image post here

Post by Lou Jost »

That's very nice. However, one thing I notice is that some of the hairs, especially the small ones at the front, are extremely sharp, while the hairs in other areas are not very sharp. I don't know what would explain this. Possible time-varying ambient vibrations? Like cars on a highway? Though your flashes ought to have stopped the vibration, unless maybe they were at full power.

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Re: My first image post here

Post by Olympusman »

For a noob, that is one hell of an image.

Michael Reese Much FRMS EMS Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA

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Re: My first image post here

Post by MarkSturtevant »

Well done!
Mark Sturtevant
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Re: My first image post here

Post by Guppy »


Good start to the forum!
An impressive image with good resolution and lighting.
Very nice


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