Spider again

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Spider again

Post by q_hung »

Canon 100mm macro lense + 50mm lense reversed, 50 images stacked by CombineZP.


Harold Gough
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Post by Harold Gough »

The main eyes look red - unusual.

There is some stray blue colour bottom left.

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Post by q_hung »

Thanks, Harold

Yes, unfortunately there is a slight blue color at the bottom left corner. I assume that it is a halo caused by the torch! :?:

I have no idea on the color of the eyes.


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Post by rjlittlefield »

q_hung, welcome aboard! :D

With 50 images, I am thinking that this is a dead spider. It has an odd posture also -- legs curled up.

If the spider is dead, then probably the eyes look odd because their insides have dried up.

See discussion at http://www.photomacrography.net/forum/v ... php?t=4650, near the bottom.

What was your setup for shooting this stack?


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Post by q_hung »

Thanks, rjlittlefield

Nothing can be hiden, especially to experts in this forum! :lol: Yes, you are right. This is a "just dead spider" after around 30' in the refrigerator! :oops: (I surely go to hell! :twisted: ).

My setup:
- Canon 100mm macro lense + 50mm lense reversed fixed on Canon EOS 30D.
- Tripod and macro slider are used;
- No flash is used. Instead, I use 2 torchs in diagonal direction. The lighting is not perfect, in my opinion. I will try to have it set up more carefully next time;
- Aperture value priority: 1/16; shutter speed around 1" (not sure!); ISO speed: 100;
- Software: Combine ZP, command "Do stack" with its default options.

I will re-compose the photo as it looks tangled.

This is my first attempt, hope the next ones will be better.


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Post by beetleman »

Welcome Hung. A good first try. I used the same setup for my first stacks and I can tell you that lighting is one of the most important keys to a great stack.
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