Backyard Dragonfly

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Backyard Dragonfly

Post by microcollector »

This dragonfly kept me company this past Sunday while I was working in the yard. These are hand held with available light using a Nikon D300 and 105 Micro Nikkor. I decided to set up the camera on a tripod to get some steadier photos. It was than that the dragonfly left. The images were cropped prior to reducing to posting size. The bamboo post is about 2.5 cm in diameter.



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Post by Aynia »

These are very lovely.

That tripod thing happens to me quite a bit. I mainly handhold.. and then think hey maybe get a better shot with a tripod.. and suddenly the garden is deathy quiet and not an insect in sight. :)

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How beautiful. I never knew they had four wings. Sometimes just my thought process of thinking about getting a tripod is enough to send them off and away. :D


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Sometimes they just want to relax and let you take their picture. Beautiful pictures microcollector
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