Tiny hopper on Pulsatilla flower

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Tiny hopper on Pulsatilla flower

Post by MacroLuv »

Hi folks! :D


Model Canon EOS 450D
Date/time original 5.4.2009 11:41:17
Shutter speed value 1/256 s
Aperture value f/7
ISO speed ratings ISO 200
Focal length 100 mm
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Post by Planapo »

Hi there Nikola!
:D A warm and hearty welcome back! :D

And what a stunning picture you have chosen on the occasion of your reappearance after such a long time!
Very nice, so many beautiful things to look at and great colours in this photo.

Hope you will have time to post more regularly again from now on.


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Post by rjlittlefield »

Agree completely on all counts. Welcome back! :D


Bruce Williams
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Post by Bruce Williams »

Hi Nikola - A very pleasing composition, contrasting the delicate and colourful beauty of the flower (really great job there!) with the almost monochrome, armoured exoskeleton of your hopper (is it a bush cricket?).

Bruce :D :D

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Post by MarkB1 »

Great shot, lots of interesting detail.

Harold Gough
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Post by Harold Gough »

Lovely shot!

However, "plant hopper"? This looks like a male bush cricket (katydid) to me.

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