Antics - Nuthin' Special

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Antics - Nuthin' Special

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Formicidae cleaning up our backyard. As much as they can be a nuisance they do keep our concrete pad in the back clean. An ant works on a wasp.
ant chewing on wasp copy 1024.jpg
An ant works on an earthworm.
ant eating earthworm copy 1024.jpg
An ant chews on a tent caterpillar.
ant eating tent caterpillar copy 1024.jpg
All images with the Canon 1D MK III and Canon MPE-65mm. Magnification unrecorded.

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Re: Antics - Nuthin' Special

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Nice captures.
Mark Sturtevant
Dept. of Still Waters

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Re: Antics - Nuthin' Special

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nice details!

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