Little orange mushroom with primefilm scanner lens

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Little orange mushroom with primefilm scanner lens

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I've been walking on nature trails a few times a week with my parents, and really wanted to take a few macro photos along the way. I don't have a real macro lens and didn't feel like mounting my only normal camera lens backwards, so I thought I'd try a primefilm scanner lens I had lying around which I'd never figured out how to mount. Now that I have a 3d printer that was pretty easy:
I tried it on bellows at first but the mag was too high for handheld use with ambient light. I tried mounting it flat like this (since it's only 45mm from the sensor when in the scanner) and it covers aps-c just fine at about 0.3x (75mm FoV). Seems to be adequate for casual walking around on an extreme budget.
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Re: Little orange mushroom with primefilm scanner lens

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Not really familiar with a scanner lens but it seems to do a pretty good job, especially on the fungi you have posted here. They say necessity is the mother of invention and what better place to find it than here. Nice work there Stephen :)

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