Bombyliidae/Bee Fly photo request

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Bombyliidae/Bee Fly photo request

Post by johan »


Would anyone have a cute photo of a Bee Fly that I could use for a one off post on behalf of a non-profit charity that my time is now involved with please, for a Facebook post? The charity promotes gardening for wildlife in the UK, I run the comms side. It's just to make a nice informative post about what people are likely to start seeing in the next couple of weeks in the UK. I'll put credit on and a nice link to your portfolio wherever you want of course.

Charity at page at:

If anyone else has a nice stock of UK species insects that's not terribly productive and would be happy for me to use them in a similar fashion (ie credit, link), I'd appreciate it if you could ping me a PM here as well!

Many thanks,
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Post by Dalantech »

Sorry bro, I got nothin'. Only one recent image of a beefly and it was paralyzed after feeding off of a poisonous flower -so not cute.

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Post by Jittebug »

I have a "very old" pic of one, which to date is my one and only encounter with these nice creatures. I just plucked it from an archive, you're welcome to use it.

You will have to forgive the small size and watermark, as well as the horrible colours. It's obviously from before I learned how to process well (that, or I did it on a very bad monitor).
If I had time and access to the original I would re-edit it, because this is quite embarrassing. Maybe later.



did a quick re-processing just now. Still not perfect, but something better now...
you can download it here
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Post by gardenersassistant »

Larger version over at Flickr. I think I have one or two others but this is the only one I've found so far.

1503 11 P1630963_PLab SP7 NoSharp LR 1300h AIS by gardenersassistant, on Flickr
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