Paper Wasp and its nest Part II

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Paper Wasp and its nest Part II

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After a week's time, the eggs hatched and momma wasp was busy in feeding her young. the larvae were stationery but when the mother arrived, they sprang outside to get her attention to give food.

At first the wasp was in a defensive striking position as she thought I have come to destroy the nest. But upon close inspection she knew I was the same guy who took the photos before of the eggs.

I am following Paul's main blog on macro tips and techniques. My plan here was to portray a story which is why i didnt opt for any stacking or other methods. I wanted to keep the focus on the larva, then go momentarily to the mother and come back. Composition with the MPE is difficult.

This photo is at 3x magnification.

Will post the other photo as I edit.

Thanks for watching.


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