Winter fairy tale

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Peter Maihoefer
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Winter fairy tale

Post by Peter Maihoefer »

Once upon an time......No, it was really happened and I like to continue the adventure.

Every year when it´s cold and the chance for ice sculptures is high, I leave the cosy warm house.

After driving my car to my special "cold water creek" I put my waders on and lace my wading shoes.

With the photo and a tripod I start the tour through a little gorge. The ground is slippery and it is often best to go right through the middle of the stream.

But now I am entering another world with thousands works of art made by ice, created only from flowing water and temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius. The necessary caution and the constantly changing scenes focus me on the moment. There is no room for other thoughts. I am in another world.

Back at the car it is not possible to open the shoelaces. The whole wading boots are covered with ice. Only after the half-hour drive in the car back home can I get rid of the waders.

It ist crazy, cold, exhausting and a bit dangerous, but it is a great experience that only takes the effort to leave the warm house.

Many years have passed and hundreds of pictures remind me of it. Here are six pictures and I hope they will lead you into the gorge to the works of art far away from everyday life.
Ice 1.jpg
Ice 2.jpg
Ice 3.jpg
Ice 4.jpg
Ice 5.jpg
Ice 6.jpg
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Lou Jost
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Re: Winter fairy tale

Post by Lou Jost »

Wow, these are so beautiful they almost make me wish I still lived in the Temperate Zone. Nicely written story too.

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Re: Winter fairy tale

Post by PeteM »

Gorgeous images. Thanks for posting them.

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Re: Winter fairy tale

Post by Sumguy01 »

Very nice.
Thanks for sharing :D

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Re: Winter fairy tale

Post by ap »

those are really beautiful - definitely worth the effort!
would you mind sharing your set-up?
thx andy

Peter Maihoefer
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Re: Winter fairy tale

Post by Peter Maihoefer »

Thanks for watching and your comments.

Set ups:

Picture / Aperture / exposure time / exposure correction / ISO / focal length (corrected to full frame) / camera / special feature

1 / 11 / 1/4 / -0,67 / 100 / 300mm / Canon 5DSR
2 / 11 / 1/40 / -1,0 / 100 / 100mm / Canon 5DII
3 / 20 / 1/10 / 0 / 100 / 282mm / Canon 5DII
4 / 22 / 1/15 / 0 / 100 / 300mm / Canon 5DII
5 / 5,6 / 1/15 / -0,7 / 200 / 150mm (75mm in mft) / Oly 1 M II / high res shot 10368x7776
6 / 8,0 / 1/13 / -0,3 / 200 / 184mm (92mm in mft) / Oly 1 M II / high res shot 10368x7776

general recommendations:

The stones in a fast flowing creek lie like roof tiles. The front part is often lower than the back part. Upstream wading ist easier.

The viewing point upstream is much better, because the icicles hang in the back part under the rocks in the splash area. The main camera position ist upstream and to the side.

I prefer a longer focal lens. It is easier to reach the same low level as the icicles. You are not in the splash area. More downstream stand the tripod on a lower level. You can use a higher position over the water. Even you are on a higher level with the camera (compared with a short focal lens) the angle to the icicle with a long focal lens is flat.

A torch helps illuminate the underside of the rocks with the icicles. A remote shutter release for the camera enables an optimal position for the lighting.

I hope this is helpfull.

Good luck and be careful.

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Re: Winter fairy tale

Post by zook »

beautiful winter details, very good light, well placed as a required to highlight the delicate structure...

Big Pete
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Re: Winter fairy tale

Post by Big Pete »

Spektacular pictures! Nature is always beautiful even when you get close!

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