dummy sliders for Nikon DIC nosepiece

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dummy sliders for Nikon DIC nosepiece

Post by Photomicro »

It occurs to me that originally, a Nikon D-ND6 DIC Sextuple nosepiece for the Eclipse range from E600 upwards, may well have come supplied with 'dummy' sliders in the slots, to stop dust entry.

Whilst the PF (etc) sliders can do this when 'retracted' it would be very few users who had a full set from the beginning!

I wonder if anyone can confirm this?

Also, it strikes me that such things could be useful in themselves, and I wondered if anyone knew if they are available anywhere, or indeed had any?

Lastly, this seems an ideal item to be 3-D printed, though I should point out I have zero experience of that.
regards, Mike.

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Re: dummy sliders for Nikon DIC nosepiece

Post by abednego1995 »

Yes, those nosepieces had dedicated inserts for those opening, though not like the sliders.
It rather resembles a flimsy wedge that just fits in the opening. The later inverted scope DIC nosepieces have plug shaped inserts, but not sure if it will fit the C-ND type DIC nosepiece.


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