Ca 2020 Continuous Lighting Panels?

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Ca 2020 Continuous Lighting Panels?

Post by JohnDownie »

There has been a bit of an explosion, it seems, in the supply of LED panels, presumably because of the demand from video-makers.

Do people have any new favourites, or is it just a matter of of looking at specs and reviews?

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Re: Ca 2020 Continuous Lighting Panels?

Post by palea »

JohnDownie wrote:it just a matter of of looking at specs and reviews?
If you can find a panel with photomacrographic specifications or reviews I'll be impressed. I'd suggest doing the math on the lux and LED spacing relative to your diffuser's transmission and shutter speed, effective aperture, and ISO requirements. In general, if you're not particularly sensitive to shutter speed panels should do OK. If you're wanting to maximize fps in autofocus bracketing they're likely to be marginal unless the diffuser is fairly efficient. As of a few months ago, I couldn't find any video panel suitable for photomacrographic video as the lux delivery assumes undiffused use at wider apertures.

Since panels are intended for low magnification use they illuminate an area much larger than a photomacrographic subject. Without focusing optics much of the light emitted is therefore unlikely to contribute much to the exposure. Also, since most panels obtain high CRI by blending two different lower CRI LED types, there's some potential for the exact position of the panel to cause color shifting if it's placed close to the subject.

Some ringlights support continuous lighting. High CRI LED flashlights are also an easy way get photons from an LED headed in the direction of a small subject. So, if you're looking for something portable, I would suggest considering both of those options alongside video panels. Some starting points are Neewer (48 Macro continuous ring light, not specified for CRI), Convoy (S2+ and other flashlights), and Sunwayfoto (FL-96 and FL-120 video panels).

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Post by aidanmoore »

I've been keeping an eye on the new Aputure Amaran MC light: ... light.html

It's very small and dense and relatively inexpensive. I'll pick one up and give it a try as soon as they are available.
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