Help regarding Leica 5x and 10x microscope objectives

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Help regarding Leica 5x and 10x microscope objectives

Post by ConstantinCornel »

Hello everybody,

I recently purchased two Leica infinite corrected microscope objectives one 5x 0.12 and one 10x 0.3 in the hope of using them in combination with Nikon 200mm Macro lens for macro photography (like my other microscope objectives).
Unfortunately it seems that both of them suffer from the same issue, sharp in the center and rapidly deteriorating towards the edges, basically they are unusable.
My thoughts are that they had some correction in the tube to obtain a good image, so my question is if there's anything I can do to use them? Does anybody have experience with them? Can I find a compatible tube for them? or is there any other solution? Had great expectations for 10x 0.30 :(.
I'm uploading pictures of them and one stacked image for each lens.



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Post by rjlittlefield »

I know of one manufacturer who makes tube lenses that might be properly corrected for those objectives. See ... ltima.aspx .

However, I have significant concerns about those tube lenses. They are relatively expensive and the literature suggests that their field coverage is small. The literature says that "unless otherwise noted all data is given for 1/2" camera sensors" (6.4x4.8mm). The largest format mentioned in the literature is 1" video, which is only 16 mm diagonal, and this apparently is achieved by adding a 2X adapter. I see no indication that these tube lenses will cover an APS-C or larger sensor at rated magnification for the objective.

If I had those objectives, I would look to selling them on to somebody who could use them as intended, and for macro work switch to known good lenses such as the Mitutoyo M Plan Apo series (5X 0.14 and 10X 0.28) or Nikon CFI60 series.

Sorry for the bleak assessment.


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Post by Cornel »

Thank you Rik.

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Post by harisA »

These objectives require a corrective tube lens from Leitz to perform as they should.It may be possible to find it inside a bino head from a Leitz microscope which is compatible with particular objectives .I had a similar experience with some ZEISS infinity objectives but eventually i managed to locate the right tube lens for them.

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