Carrying Case For Stackshot

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Carrying Case For Stackshot

Post by billjanes1 »

I have a an extended rail stackshot and am interested in using it in the field with a battery pack. I am looking for some type of carrying case in which I can safely transport the setup into the field. The cardboard box with foam inserts that the unit came with is one option, but not that elegant.

I am looking for some type of shoulder bag or Pelican type case that opens from the front. One could use the foam inserts of the original package or make their own inserts.

Does anyone have any recommendation for such an item?


Bill Janes

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Post by enricosavazzi »

Peli Cases are expensive and heavy. The Stackshot equipment is not extremely delicate, so as an alternative to a rigid case I would suggest a well-padded camera backpack. You can even wrap the most delicate parts in additional padding before placing them in the pack.

Choose a rain-proof backpack (e.g. Lowepro) if you are concerned about rain during transportation. Once you take out the equipment for using it in the field, the case/backpack does not protect the equipment anymore, so whatever you use for storage and transportation has already played its role.

The O-ring that keeps Peli Cases watertight is fussy, must be kept very clean and oiled regularly (I think they recommend vaseline), and a single grass blade or sand grain stuck on the O-ring is enough to compromise the seal. Then another problem comes when you open the case after its exterior becomes dripping wet. You must wipe dry the exterior very carefully before opening the lid (not as easy as it sounds in the recess between the two clamshells) to prevent water dripping onto the contents when you open the lid of the case.

The vaseline on the O-ring can easily transfer onto the case contents if you accidentally touch the O-ring with your hands (which is quite easy).

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