Lenses for use at 4-5X on an APS-sized sensor

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Joyful wrote:If I get the Nikon 10x and use it with my old Canon 100mm Macro lens will I be able to use the Canon EOS remote camera control for focus stacking or must the tube lens remain on Infinity setting all the time?
If your Canon 100 is internal focusing (does not get physically longer when focused closer), then you can use its internal motor to make stacks of moderate depth. See http://www.photomacrography.net/forum/v ... hp?t=14569 for an example and some discussion of the limits of this approach.


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Thanks Rik -

Sounds good - It is internal !! I hope to hear from the Nikon people at the local suppliers (IMP) tomorrow - I sent them an email late on Friday.

Hold thumbs for good news from them re objectives. With the Canon MP-E costing aboy 12,000 I should have room to wiggle, and maybe get a better result even as your atricle showed.

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