Can a Stepper be “Cute”?

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Can a Stepper be “Cute”?

Post by Doppler9000 »

If so, this might be the one…

Two-phase, bipolar, NEMA 11, dual shaft 0.9*. ... kp223md15b

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Re: Can a Stepper be “Cute”?

Post by Adalbert »

indeed sweet and tiny :-)

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Re: Can a Stepper be “Cute”?

Post by ray_parkhurst »

Excellent! Another option for NEMA-11, dual shaft, 400 steps. Rik found one for me a while back and they work great. I'll probably get some of these and test them out. Thanks for the tip...

Edited to add: Oops, indeed the previous are NEMA-14 I believe. Could these be the only NEMA-11 dual 400's out there? I need to check again to be sure my memory is correct.

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