Another pond is dyikng

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Another pond is dyikng

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I have noted before that many of ponds that have been giving me generous specimens have been dying out, and my speculation has been that the environments in these ponds have been taken over by cyanobacteria, creating a toxic environment. The result is a damaged biota which allows opportunistic flora and fauna to thrive - in many cases desmids predominating. This phenomenon has finally stricken one of my most dependable dipping sites. There are clouds of cyanobacteria everywhere. I'm not seeing any rotifers or ostracods, among other common organisms. Even spirogyra is getting scarce. The alarming thing is that the biota in a pond is the very bottom of the food chain.
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Re: Another pond is dyikng

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I this just an end of summer thing or climate change thing...probably a little of both

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